World Champion Ironman Triathlete |

Health & Performance Coach.

Pete Jacobs has had a string of successes as a professional triathlete, culminating in the biggest victory possible in his sport – Ironman Triathlon World Champion, in 2012.

Pete’s current focus is Health & Performance Coaching through a business co-founded with his wife Jaimielle, called Live Your Own Fit | LYF Performance.

An 8th place at the Hawaii Ironman World Championships in 2009 showed Pete’s promise of being World Champion one day. In 2010 his 9th place (after a 4 minute penalty stop for taking too long to pass on the bike) was thanks to running the 3rd ever fastest marathon at the Hawaiian Ironman World Championships, and the fastest of the day, a 2:41:05.

Then, in 2011 Pete proved to everyone and himself he is one of the best triathletes in the world by being runner up at the World Championships, and once again had the fastest run split with a 2:42:29.

Regarded as one of the worlds premier Ironman swimmers and runners, Pete knows his ability on the bike is there to use, and showed this when he won Ironman Australia 2011 in Port Macquarie with an 11 minute lead off the bike.

In 2012 Pete’s dream came true. He won the Ironman World Championship in Hawaii. His maturity and experience showed through with one of the most controlled performances seen on the big Island for a long time. Pete had the 3rd fastest splits for the swim, bike, and run, leaving him a winning advantage of 5 minutes.

Pete is now a certified PreKure Health Coach, and specialises in the topic of fatigue and improving energy and performance in all aspects of life.

A focus on efficient energy production is the key to solving many chronic health issues, injuries, fatigue, brain fog, etc. There are too many layers to explain here, but Petes’ understanding of how the body works, and his ability to explain in many different ways, including through his experiences with fatigue and depression, as well as in the toughest most competitive one day triathlon race in the world, is unique and priceless no matter your goals.

He has a passion for sharing what he has learnt physically and mentally to others who want more ENERGY, for all things health and fitness related. “Health Coaching” is his current passion and focus. He regularly makes appearances as a motivational speaker to international companies and at events, but is currently not competing as a professional triathlete, although he has not written off a comeback.

Pete will never stop learning and looking for a more efficient and smarter way to train, race, and boost his health and energy for life and longevity, and of course building a platform that he can share this information to help as many people as possible.

Pete is an ambassador for the John Maclean Foundation, an Australian based charity that provides financial assistance to purchase items such as new wheelchairs, vehicle and house modifications, surgery and medical assistance, computers, remedial aids, any item that improves the quality of life for the child and their family.

He is also proud to be an ambassador for the Indigenous Marathon Project, founded by Robert De Castella. The IMP promote active and healthy lifestyles throughout indigenous communities nationally and reduce the incidence of indigenous disease, creating indigenous role models and inspiring indigenous people.

Career Highlights

Ironman Triathlon World Champion 2012

Ironman Triathlon World Championships Runner Up (3rd fastest Run in IM history) 2011

Ironman Australia Champion 2011

Cairns 70.3 Champion

Philippines 70.3 Champion

Lake Placid Ironman Runner Up

Ironman Cairns 3rd place

Huskisson Long Course Champion x 3

Sunshine Coast 70.3 Champion