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My choice for clean electrolytes, zero carbs, (easily add your own or check out their carb options), with a perfect balance of the key electrolytes, plus some trace minerals too! I recommend daily, and if you are down on energy or exercising lots use Edge more frequently.

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This multi-mineral formula isn’t just about sodium – it’s about optimizing your hydration, boosting your energy levels, and accelerating your recovery. Packed with a plethora of naturally occurring major and trace minerals, our formula is designed for rapid absorption, ensuring your body can access these vital nutrients precisely when you need them most.





Technical Swim Apparel

Pete Jacobs for Blue Seventy



“I swim in the blueseventy Helix wetsuit,  Swimskin and love the Lift Buoyancy Shorts.

These shorts help your hips and legs float, so you can work more comfortable on rhythm and technique. However, unlike a pull buoy, the shorts still allow you to move your legs naturally, and the hydrodynamic effect of them makes you noticeably faster. They also aid in keeping you warmer when the water is just a tad too cold, or helping you do extra laps when your body is tired. 

The wetsuit fits me like a second skin, snug in all the right places which is essential when you’re aiming for your best.


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Pete Jacobs wins Kona


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