World Champion Ironman Triathlete |

Health & Performance Coach.

In 2012, Pete became Ironman Triathlon World Champion, and achieved a 10 year goal that was born the moment he finished his first Ironman.

Through this time, and even prior as a teenager, his success was riddled with fatigue issues. Foggy brain,  very low energy, aches, poor digestion, skin inflammation, depression, were just some of the on and off symptoms for two decades.

His natural talent and love of exercise could not make up for physical issues, and many days, weeks, and months of his teenage years, 20’s, & 30’s were ‘lost’ to fatigue, including many triathlon races. The knowledge he has gathered since has defined who he has become, an expert in energy and fatigue issues as a performance coach.

Dealing with fatigue issues forced Pete to learn about physiology, and also created a mindset that he can now break down and share with others for peak performance, confidence, or calmness.

Overcoming days when his body would not have energy, to building calm confidence of winning the Ironman World Championship, has given Pete a depth of experience beyond his years.

Pete trained himself, and learnt from the best, in many fields including health, mindset, fitness, and the holistic approach of combining them all for peak energy and performance in many fields.

He is now able to coach others to their greatest performances, or calmest confidence. And himself, at 42 years of age, is fitter than he has ever been.

Triathlon Career Highlights

Ironman Triathlon World Champion 2012

Ironman Triathlon World Championships 2nd place  2011

Ironman Australia Champion 2011

Ironman World Championships 9th place  2010 (3rd fastest Run in IMWC history 2:41 marathon)

Ironman World Championships 8th place  2009

Ironman Lake Placid  2nd place 2012

Cairns 70.3 Champion

Philippines 70.3 Champion

Ironman Cairns 3rd place

Huskisson Long Course Champion x 3

Sunshine Coast 70.3 Champion