Health Coaching

You may want to be fitter and faster than ever, or you may be experiencing unwanted symptoms such as low energy levels, weakness, fatigue, brain fog, unexplained aches and pains, weight gain, or struggling with fitness gains. 

I would love to help you achieve what you want to achieve.  

I will help you understand your body, the biology and the physiology, clearer than you’ve heard before and in a unique way that can resolve issues you have struggled with using other methods. 

Comparison of my two coaching options 

Weekly Plan AUD $440/month For those that like daily accountability for fitness & lifestyle, and want faster communication/feedback.Monthly MembershipAUD $341/month      For those that like to take things at their own pace.
Customised Performance Program delivered via Training Peaks
30mins 1:1 weekly zoom/phone call  – time can be accumulated if not used weekly.2 x 50min sessions/month
Training Peaks Premium Athlete Account  (US$9 /month included )
Nutrition advice for training, racing, and day to day as requested.Nutrition advice (during Zoom session)
Protocols for elimination dietsProtocols for elimination diets
Protocols for vitamin, mineral, antioxidant, & protein supplements when needed.Protocols for vitamin, mineral, antioxidant, & protein supplements when needed.
Health Coaching, Mindset Coaching, Performance CoachingHealth Coaching |  Mindset Coaching  |  Performance Coaching
Technique reviews of your swim/bike/run videos via whatsapp/email/zoom.Technique reviews of your swim/bike/run videos (during Zoom session)
Advice on training/race gear
Race planning:  including nutrition, pacing & mindset.
Daily text, DM’s, or emails (and short calls when easier and available)Replies to questions via email within 24hrs.
Communication – within 24 hrs, 7 days/week (usually daily on whatsapp & Training Peaks).Communication – within 24 hrs, 5 days/week, via email.
Access to members only resource archive with many in depth videos explaining the LYF Method, health and performance strategies, and aerobic fitness.Access to members only resource archive with many in depth videos explaining the LYF Method, health and performance strategies, and aerobic fitness.
Minimum 3 monthsMinimum 1 month

Your Coach | Pete Jacobs

World Champion Ironman Triathlete | 

Mindset Coach | Health Coach |Performance Expert

  • Triathlon Australia certified Coach
  • Prekure certified Health Coach

Pete has coached himself for most of his career, but relied heavily on guidance and learnings from some of the best in a wide range of fields including  mindset, nutrition, goal setting, biomechanics, & physiology. From battling bouts of fatigue during his later teenage years, 20’s, & 30’s, Pete understands how it feels to have brain fog, unexplained aches & general fatigue and depression. Through decades of suffering, and years of learning, he now knows how to get his (and your) energy back and vastly improve all symptoms, and turn that increased energy into great performances in any avenue you choose.

Pete also knows what it takes to be a world champion,  in one of the toughest sports, in one of the toughest places in the world. The Hawaii Ironman.

In the last few years Pete’s knowledge and practice of health and performance has increased exponentially through countless hours of study, podcasts & conversations around the latest research and most proven pathways for achieving the greatest adaptations desired for specific performance goals. In 2022, at 41 years of age, Pete believes he’s in the best shape of his life, both in health and fitness, and looks forward to racing and testing his knowledge and abilities with a comeback to frequently racing long course triathlons professionally in 2023 with aims of making just as many podiums.

Pete’s key passions are

  •  Improving energy and health for those experiencing unwanted symptoms that are not allowing them to live the life they want.
  • Learning about best practices for adaptation to specific fitness goals
  • Answering questions about nutrition and physiology and researching new information when he gets a new question.