Train with me?


A new year, new plans, & a new generation. 

Maple Rose Jacobs was born January 20 @ 4:20am after a mammoth overnight effort by Jaim. 

Any Ironman I’ve ever done is nothing compared to the physical and mental effort Jaim gave over those 12hrs. I will always be the ‘weaker’ athlete in our household now. 

2023 is already very different in so many ways, and there’s more happening too.

2022 was a big year for me, I learnt so much & got in my best shape for a decade.

My main takeaway is that being fit makes a massive difference to my health.

And I learnt more about how to get fit (and healthy).

Towards the end of ‘22 I let my client list shrink naturally (athletes completed races & I was not promoting my consulting services or myself much at all – yes, I’ll bring back the podcast in ‘23) , and I focused on Ironman Western Australia, and getting the house ready for Maple.

I am looking for new clients who want the full fitness and health coaching package I can offer. 

Here’s a link to more information about my coaching business and how we will work together.

Training into elite Ironman shape was a great learning experience I’m looking forward to sharing with new clients (and eventually on the podcast).


2-3 weeks before Ironman Western Australia I sustained a stress fracture in my sacroiliac joint area of my hip (think ‘hip bone beside tail-bone’, roughly). A combination of factors for sure, little things that made my bones a little weaker, and the pain began at the end of my longest fastest run, at the end of one of my longest fastest weeks, so that was a major factor – the structure of my training that week. 

I was as fit as I’ve ever been, I could run as well as I ever had, so I got carried away with my ego haha.

I’m just back running this week. Swimming and riding is going ok.  I will aim for Port Macquarie Ironman on may 7. 

12 weeks and 2 days away. 

Time to get serious, time to wake up earlier, eat cleaner, be more efficient, less screen time, more client time, make some money and be a better husband & DAD! Letssss Gooooo

I’d love to coach anyone for anything, but if you have an Ironman coming up in the next 6 months I would really enjoy going on the journey together. 

I’ll be in touch again soon, feel free to reply with any questions.

And if you want a one off session also do hourly consultations for your specific questions on health, nutrition, or fitness.