It’s January 2024, and although Ironman Cairns in 2023 was relatively successful, with 4th place in a regional championship, in 8 hrs 9mins, I currently don’t have plans to race again. This is partly due to some plantar fasciitis that is preventing me from running, and a need to focus on a more fruitful income. Racing professional, only about once a year in the last 2 years, and not at all during Covid times, means sponsors are non existent, not likely to appear, and the cost of competing professionally is about $1200 to get on one Ironman start line (Triathlon Australia + Ironman fees), + travel and accommodation costs, it is hard to compete well enough to make a living in prizemoney without giving up almost all other income, certainly not allowing enough to support a growing family.

So 2024 is an unknown currently. I am loving my bike racing, but I also want to grow my corporate presentation skills and portfolio, I need to market myself, I need to keep learning and building credibility in the health & fitness [energy] improvement field, as I love health coaching, am a qualified health coach, and do like adding triathlon coaching into the mix also.

I have many interests, hence why it is hard to grow them all at once.

If you need a coach, I have room for more clients, and would love to hear from people who want to improve their energy, and improve their athletic ability, at any level.