Electrolytes are one of the most important factors for energy, and energy is one of the most important factors for health and performance.

The Ocean Trace product by Edge Electrolytes (my affiliate link, I thank you with a 20% discount code ‘PETEJACOBS’) is the best most convenient and well priced complete mineral supplement you will find.

With no additives, high natural amounts of Magnesium, Potassium, and Sodium, + 70 trace minerals from the ocean, this is a one stop supplement to give you more energy!

More energy means digestion works better, muscles recover better, blood handles stress better, the list is endless and so is our need to supplement with electrolytes.

Our need for electrolytes will never cease. A problem of modern life is we use up a lot of minerals with our not so natural lifestyles of foods, stress, exercise etc. We MUST supplement these minerals for so many health reasons, I can’t stress enough, and I can’t explain all the nuances and health and performance implications here either.

Edge Electrolytes also have a low sugar version (Ocean Trace is zero sugar – minerals only) for the perfect amount of carbs to prop up blood sugar while doing prolonged exercise. The flavours are great, they aren’t too sweet, and the benefit of all the mineral you get will improve your endurance and recovery.