Living in Noosa is great, because people always want to come up for a holiday, or to do some training. It was awesome when my good mate and sporting Idol John Maclean came up for a week with his wife Amanda and son Jack. Any time spent hanging out with John is a relaxing, motivating, and learning  experience. His books are great reads because he is such an open and honest guy who is very self aware. Hearing the stories from so many of his athletic feats and adventures makes you look at what you are doing, why, and how you can do it better. As a businessman, life coach and speaker John is very successful too, because of the same attitudes he puts to achieving his athletic goals, he also puts personal life under the same scrutiny.

This time we caught up I was able to introduce him to someone I had recently met who has changed my mindset and my mind/body connection. The technique is unknown to all but a few who have met the guy who discovered it (more info to follow later this year), but the principles can be put in place without knowing the technique. They are; the mind controls everything, and causes a physical reaction to every thought you have. As so many of us have thoughts which put our mind or body under stress so many times throughout everyday, the result is catastrophic. Stress related illness, disorder and injury is real. You can only every be in a state of growth or protection. Even tensing as you try to hang on the back of a group of cyclist  is a negative reaction and blocking the flow of energy and changing your state. Stay relaxed. Stay in a state of growth.

You don’t have to be constantly positive, just don’t go negative. Be more like, “whatever”. You’ll never be happy stuck in traffic, but you don’t need to get stressed. Stay relaxed, neutral, and your body will be healthier. I could go on for pages, and I haven’t explained myself well. But I will eventually. One last thing. Don’t hunch your shoulders and tense your neck/trapezius muscles, and always keep good posture. This helps keep you in a state of growth, and free from some stress.

train relaxed.