Jaim and I have spent the last few weeks here in California doing all sorts of work. I was very nervous about the freezing water in Alcatraz (47/10.5 degrees) but thankfully good preparation of many layers kept me warm. I was very happy to finish 4th for my first race of the season when I hadn’t been training too much in the swim and bike. Javier Gomez won comfortably.

We are having quite a few meeting with sponsors, potential sponsors, and people who want to work together for mutual benefit and growth of triathlon. My website will be getting a facelift over the next few weeks, with an online store so we can fulfil the requests of race outfits, signed pictures etc. that I get asked for. Part of the profits will go to the John Maclean Foundation.

One new relationship is with GoPro, who are going to help with my media side of things. The content I’m now driven to create will hopefully be interesting and helpful to many of you. If there is anything you can think of that would make great content and you want to see it from me then let me know.

I’ve had a lot of tightness since Alcatraz, but it’s loosening up thanks to a lot of massage and almost no training. If I’m not 100% I won’t run the Asics LA marathon on the 17th (7 days away), but hopefully I’ll jog it and have a great experience.

I’ll then be flying to Sydney for 2 days, to catch up with Jaim who will have gone a week earlier, attending a friends wedding, then flying to Melbourne to work on commentary, IM LIVE, and appearances for Ironman and my sponsors. So the next 2 and a bit weeks from today are very disrupted and training will be tough to fit in. That’s ok though. The next race isn’t until MAY 5. Ironman 70.3 St Geroge, the US Pro Champs race with some hot competition.