The disappointment and back pain that I experienced in Honu Ironman 70.3 last weekend I picked up a cold and having been feeling great. The cold is not really the issue, it is the stresses that caused the cold that I’m trying to address.

The 3 days in Hawaii after Kona went way too fast. A couple massages, a couple of sponsor meetings, pack up then on a flight from Kona to Honolulu to Brisbane to Cairns. We arrived at the Shangri La about 9:30pm on Wednesday.

Sleep has been the biggest factor in why I have cracked. I love and need lots of sleep. I nap a lot, and know if I miss my naps it shows a day or 2 later. Even before we left home in Noosa for the Hawaii trip we were missing sleep due to packing, organizing and lack of diligence. Since arriving in Cairns I’ve made time for naps, and getting to bed early (ish) about 8:30pm.

I haven’t been on a bike since the race in Honu. That was last Saturday. The race here in Cairns is  Sunday. I’m really keen to roll around super easy on the bike today, Saturday, and hopefully the weather gives me a break. It’s not too bad the weather, just patchy rain and at least it is still warm. I have wanted to ride, but with other appearances I had, and patchy weather, and a cold, I haven’t been motivated enough to get out there. I hope choosing sleep over riding has been the right decision…

I have no idea how tomorrow will go. I have done no exercise in a week. Not a swim, run, or ride. However I feel little of my cold this morning and I am well rested, so perhaps I will race well with no expectations – as that is when we often race best.

Good luck to everyone racing. Keep your heads down, it might be windy out there 🙂