Not a bad accomplishment for a rest day 😉 The headlines do read a little as if I just won it last week, but that’s ok, it’s better media coverage than I ever got in 2012 🙂

The story was based off the previous video uploaded here about my improved health and a return to the podium and an eye on winning Kona 2017.

The changes in my diet that it alluded to are reducing carbohydrates and increasing fat, and after many months of this diet I have in the last week started to produce ketones (which is fuel made from fat, instead of relying on glycogen). This is a huge step in the process of my recovery and path to improved health thanks to the guidance of Dr Phil Maffetone ( and it will only continue to feel better as my body adapts more and more to fat burning and reverses (hopefully) some of the overtraining effects that have accumulated over the years. Ketosis is not for everyone, but signs that I was sensitive to carbs led me (“us” with Phil’s input) to follow this path and see what happens. It’s very early days, and I know many people are curious about ketosis so I will try to keep you up to date with further developments in my training, diet, and general wellbeing.

I’m not sure when I’lll race next, I’m just taking this journey one day at a time towards Kona, and so far everything is heading in the right direction.

all the best