So you may have seen a few updates on my social medias, but here it is on my website with a little more about my training 😉

Things have been building slowly since about the end of September, a little training in Kona watching the big race, and then it’s been a good routine since being home. With a focus on Ballarat 70.3, and no Ironman training required, I’ve been doing shorter rides, with good short efforts, some strength (lower HR) and good cadence work at aerobic HR everything has been ticking along nicely without any fatigue issues. Add in the mix some new treatment for possible nerve overload/mixed messages which means my recovery is actual proper recovery, and a good mix of swim efforts, strength swimming in my endless pool, and knocking back the run to one tempo session, one long run, and some easy runs, it is going well.

I wanted to race in Bribie at the 1/30/8km distance to break up training, test my body and mind in race conditions, and practice all the other elements of racing. I am getting excited for Ballarat 70.3 in 2 weeks time and wanted to make sure I have everything running smoothly and it feels practiced on race day. And it’s only 1hr drive from home to the race so I could drive there in the morning of.

I got dropped in the swim by a fish, had to work the bike to catch, then got dropped the start of the run before my legs came good and the other guy fell apart a bit. It was a good feeling to be in that place mentally, hearing the voices “this is hard”, “I’m slower than him”, “this hurts I don’t want to keep trying”, and within seconds that has turned around to feeling awesome and having to hold back.

Thanks to Asics and Endura for Sponsoring the event series, and myself. It was great handing out all the trophy’s and meeting so many people who are truly in it for fun, because it’s such a low key grassroots tri that there’s no ego’s or agro, it is a great environment to be around and I hope I can make it to another race in the series.

I’m really hoping I can replicate this result in Ballarat on December 13. It’s a much stronger field and much longer race but I’m heading in the right direction and have a good feeling about it.

Thanks to all my sponsors for being a part of my journey so far, and I’ll be in touch after Ballarat to talk about 2016 plans 🙂  Thanks to Asics, Boardman Bikes, Amart Sports, Zipp, Sram, Quarq, blueseventy, Flight Centre Active Travel, ISM saddles, Alaska Milk, and Yurbuds!

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