things didn’t go to plan. But with every plan that doesn’t work out there is an opportunity to rebuild from the ground up. And that is literally what my problem was, a fault at the bottom, underlying, undermining the strength of the entire structure.

A month ago my back and hips tightened up, the night before Sunshine Coast 70.3 Ironman. I didn’t get rid of that completely before Kona. I should have. And that is one of the biggest lessons I learned. No amount of training makes up for a slightly off balanced body. Not for me.

It’s Thursday,  5 days after the race and I am happy for my failure. I was comfortable with it on Saturday, but now I’m actually happy. I am so motivated for the next season. I am excited by next year and the races that I will aim to win.

Next year is about staying strong all season, having fun all season, and treating every race as if it is a World Championship.

I need to have a better, longer approach to Kona. One that will get me ready earlier, with time to  practice everything, over and over again, with plenty of time to rest.

Next year, things will be different, not rushed, more enjoyable, more planned, more productive.

I can’t thank Jaimie enough for the work she has put in this year for our company. It became a lot busier since winning Hawaii, and I could not have been able to keep afloat if it weren’t for all the communicating, organizing, emailing, cooking, understanding, love and support.

My sponsors have been awesome, and the new gear that I was given is amazing. I can’t wait to do it justice over the next season.

It’s Tuesday, Ocotber 22nd. Sorry for the delay of communication. I flew home after a busy few days in Kona, to drive straight from the airport to a best mates bucks party, 2 days later a arrived home finally, only to jump straight in front of the camera with Jaimie for 2 days of shooting a campaign for Asics. They were long days, and today, my first day at home with “nothing to do” is being spent catching up on chores and packing for the next trip. A wedding in Sydney followed by flying from there to New York to work with Asics at the New York marathon, and I may even run it with Jaimie if I feel up to it.

Hawaii Ironman is a brutal race. And even though I didn’t break my body down as much as I normally do, I am still buggered from pushing as hard as I could on the day.

Thanks again for everyone’s support and kind messages. I am ok. I am happy. I will be back stronger and faster next year. And to those who got a short answer when they asked me about my race, I’m just honest, and I hope you are okay with my honesty about not wanting to talk about it to you because they were not memories I wished to go through at that time. I try not to dwell on the past, now let’s look forward, and I appreciate your interest in my journey. I’ll try to keep it interesting.

I could not do anything without the support, information, and confidence I get from my sponsors. Thankyou! Boardman Bikes, Asics, GoldCross, Alaska Milk, Yurbuds, Rudy Project, blueseventy, Toyota, F2P, Sram, Zipp, Quarq, BPM Sport, Shotz nutrition, Flight Centre Active Travel. Xlab. Computrainer. ISM saddles.