Today is not my rest day, yesterday was, yet today I am resting, because I’m tired and don’t feel like training.

As much as I want to lay in bed and do nothing, I know that if I don’t accomplish something today, I will be more tired tomorrow for the depression of getting nothing done today. On my list of things to do is blog.

Another thing causing my tiredness is the antibiotics I had a triple dose of into my colon last Wednesday (under anesthetic), then to my bowel on Thursday, and continued with 10 days orally which I am in halfway through now. All this is to try and rid myself of a nasty parasite called Blastocystis Hominus.

If all goes well, in a few weeks I’ll have more energy than I have had in years, so a couple of weeks with missed sessions will be worth it later. I hope.

It has been a busy start to the year for me, leaving my Team and the Teams sponsors of last year, I had no individual sponsors for 2011. Thankfully a few great companies have belief I can win Hawaii very soon, as do I, and we will announce our partnerships very shortly.

After getting married to my beautiful bride, Jaimielle, at the end of December, and a honeymoon through to early January in Byron Bay area, I am in week 8 of my training from scratch, and feeling happy with where I got to before last weeks interruption.

My running has come along nicely, as I follow a slow build up with short efforts etc. to peak in another 14 weeks against Chris McCormack at Challenge Cairns. I was running the best I have ever run in Hawaii last year, and was in unchartered territory when I ran 2:41:05, but now I have gained the confidence in my running technique and am pushing it further this year. All my goal training splits have come down, forcing technique to improve further still, and feeling like an artist as I push the boundaries of my efficiency in my mind as I run fighting fatigue and leaving all others behind on the sidewalk (as they jog pushing prams).

I’ve been busy doing some home renovations since we bought a unit in October last year. I have said I’m not going to swim train until I have done everything that I want to get finished. Hopefully that is at least a week before my first race, in Huskisson in 2.5 weeks. Aus Long Course Champs 2011. I had this title in 2009, and badly want it for 2011. I will play a tactical race, and hope my run will be the best on the day.

Well I’m going to have a little nap now. It’s been a busy morning of emails and eating.

Take care of yourselves.


P.S. if you missed the videos I posted, search my username, petejjacobs on youtube. And if you want to improve your run, go to and sign up for a session with me and John.