I’m back!

And what a week it has been since I got the all clear from the surgeon on Friday. It has been something like this.

Friday afternoon I got my final x-ray and they were all very happy and said I could do what I wanted, but don’t go bench press my personal best on my first try. Friday 5pm I headed to Wharf Bar for the start of a mates Bucks weekend. A few bears, a few hours later, we get on a minibus & head to Port Stephen. The next morning we are up early and headed to paintball. It was awesome. I got a few good shots away (3 out of 1000), and for the first time in 7 weeks I completely forgot about my shoulder, it was very uplifting & a great way to get back into training.

A couple of hundred meters swimming at the beach felt very awkward, but beautiful to swim again. A big dinner out, a late night (I was equal first home), and the next day the pain from paintball was almost as bad as a marathon. My legs were killing me, so sore and stiff from all the squatting in trenches with too much adrenaline to know it was hard work. We got home Sunday afternoon, a little tired but in good shape (well I was, I didn’t drink heaps).

Monday I started real training. An early ride with Jaimie was hard work. I was done after 30km. Then I coached a swim session, then a run session along with good mate John Marsh. Both went very well and have had great feedback. Then a swim in the afternoon was like being born again. Technique still there, just no muscles. At one point during my recovery when I noticed my muscles on my right side had wasted away, and no doubt my left a littlle bit too, I said to Jaim “maybe I’ll be like Lance, after he came back from cancer and was lighter, more power to weight”,  to which she replied “not the way you’ve been eating”. Very funny.

Anyway, then Tuesday Jaim had the day off work, we rode again (5:15am!), had a beautiful breakfast up the road, then we went and got a massage at the mall from the asian business, all before 10am! Needless to say I needed to go home and sleep, so I did.  That afternoon was my first run. I was still a little sore from paintball, but it felt great t run again.

Tuesday night Jaim and I went to dinner in the city, then to Regina Spektor concert in the Opera House. It was unbelievable. Very inspiring seeing and hearing such talent and beauty.

And it’s now only Wednesday! What an amazing 4 days it has been with my “new” arm.

I can’t wait for the rest of the year with my new arm, and many more new experience (firsts) this year.

I have 12 weeks till Challenge Roth.

Train safe