I’m currently completing a Health Coaching Certification with Prekure, along with Jaimie, and we are loving what we are learning about working with clients to get to the bottom of their issues, to build them up to be more resilient, productive, happier, and reach their goals personally and professionally.

These tools I’m learning through Prekure are invaluable, but I believe so is the information around ENERGY that I am currently putting together.

As a coach, find me over at Live Your Own Fit; LYF Performance and follow my podcast of the same name, or simply search for my name in your podcast app, subscribe and send in questions 🙂

Below is a little sneak preview of an unedited introduction to the course, which will be available hopefully in MARCH 2021 (next month).

As well as talking to everyone as a group, and getting into some personal development, the main purpose of the course to to help people understand their own health and performance at a level unrivalled through other methods. This is an all encompassing, big picture and nuanced, approach to ENERGY Production, which is at the root of all symptoms and chronic disease. Optimising ENERGY production, will give you more “energy”, but the process will also make you healthier than ever.

Here is a small part of the course introduction. 🙂

What limits energy, health & performance. An overview of everything in the course.

If you have an interest in how the body works, and wonder how can you improve your health and performance through knowledge of how your body works, then this course is for you.

If you want to improve your energy, and understand what it means to “increase your energy”, you are going to love the journey we are going on.

Through years of delving into how the body works to overcome my health/fatigue issues, and a desire to return to my Ironman World Championship abilities of my 30 year old self from 2012, I have learnt from countless sources on endless topics and now put everything I’ve learnt, and experienced, together in a course using explanations and connections through many layers of health and performance like no one else ever has.

Increase your energy by increasing your energy. Yes, it’s that simple. But it’s also not that simple…

ENERGY IS ATP – Adenosine Triphosphate. All life on earth uses ATP for energy. Plants have ATP. We all derived from a single cell bacteria about 2 million years ago, and our cells house our mitochondria, where we produce ATP/energy.

Life IS ATP.


Easy & efficient production of ATP = Health = Performance.

This will all make sense, trust me, and we will have some great conversations in the group calls about “energy”. Why do you have “low energy”, how do you get “more energy”, and what does energy have to do with health?

A lot of what you have ever read or heard about health can be put into the context of “…for improving ATP production”. Such as quality sleep, nutrient dense food, avoiding processed foods, vitamin/electrolyte supplementation, being present with a quiet mind etc. And for that reason, I will cover all these topics and many more as I work with you to INCREASE YOUR ENERGY!

Our goal is to “get more energy”. 

To do this we must:

  1. Increase, strengthen and support, all possible pathways for ATP production
  1. Improve our ability to demand more ATP, by physically and mentally improving ourselves.
  1. Build healthy, efficient, energy producing mitochondria. This requires abundant vitamins & minerals, the right fats and amino acids, oxygen, and an ability to clear oxidative stress. 
  • Abundant vitamins & minerals (supplemental electrolytes, other supplements as needed)
  • The right fats and amino acids (healthy, natural, unprocessed foods)
  • Oxygen (aerobic exercise, short VO2 max efforts, specific breathing techniques)
  • An ability to clear oxidative stress (deep sleep + circadian hormones)

ATP is constantly being produced in our mitochondria, within our cells, to keep us alive. Our organs need it, our brain needs it, our digestion needs it, and we need it to heal.

Key point – ATP only exists on demand. You can’t store “energy” from a big dinner the night before. You can store fuel to be used in the production of energy, but you already have enough onboard fuel (mostly fat, some glucose) to last months, so it’s unlikely to make any difference for you (unless you aren’t a good fat burner and have done hours of hard exercise that day). 

You can also store the vitamins and minerals from a meal to support energy production, and a meal with essential amino acids (complete protein meal) would help cells repair/replace so you have more energy producing mitochondria the next day. 

Lastly, healthy fats carrying fat soluble vitamins are likely to also improve energy production to some degree the following day.

  • You can’t store energy/ATP for more than a few seconds.
  • The main energy benefits of food are from vitamins/minerals/amino acids/fats
  • More calories does not mean more energy. 

I cover lots of ground around mindset, such as removing ego and being present, central governor theory (your brain is your limiter), race visualisation practice, building confidence, how to use your mindset/brain to your advantage for efficient, long lasting energy production, and our group conversations will get into the many nuances of different scenarios, such as the afternoon slump, or the back end of a race, and of course your many different personal experiences. 

All aspects of this course are offshoots of how to get more energy. At the root of many health and performance issues is a lack of energy. I help you understand why sleep matters for energy, and why so does nutrient dense food, and the way you breathe, or exercise, and we will discuss the many ways to improve your energy with some simple lifestyle changes, which will easily improve some very complex reactions in your body, the way evolution intended. It’s not rocket science, it’s evolution.