Jaimielle and I are super excited to announce the launch of Live Your Own Fit and the LYOF 6 Week Life Change Program. We coach you through all aspects off health, show you how to look at your health with a big picture view, how everything is connected, and give you the resources to learn how your body works and how performance is tied to your health.
LYOF 6 Week Program
Nutrition, mindset, intentions, movement, and restore. These are the main facets that influence what you get out of your life, and we show you tools to tap into optimal flow for each. Live Your Own Fit and the 6 Week Live Your Own Fit program was born so you can experience kickass health and performance and live to your potential in all areas of life. It’s easier than you think. SPEAKING FROM EXPERIENCE, WE KNOW YOU CAN: *Say goodbye to sugar cravings, belly fat and anxiety *Welcome consistent high levels of energy without the 3pm slump *Rock your own lean mean fat burning machine body with confidence. *Sleep like a baby without the 2am wide-eyed moments *Experience focus and clarity that sci-fi characters dream of. *Create age-defying skin that will have you glowing. *Be present in the moment – calm and collected. *Have clear purpose and motivation through optimal state of mind. *Be asked by loved ones “what the heck are you doing, you look amazing!” Our first program is starting 7th January 2019. Become part of the LYOF Family, meet fellow LYOF buddies and start walking your talk:) Happy, Health and FIT