Ok, so i have been busy now that i’m back in training.

long easy rides, a few run sessions, and more km’s in the pool than ever. It has been great to feel so motivated and inspired to be my best.

Please excuse the typo’s, i have not yet loaded word onto my new Macbook Pro… oh it is soo good. It was a gift from Apple last week. I helped them run their iwalk day – 5k run or 3k walk for any employees who were up for the challenge. It was awesome to see 85% of the office workers come out and have a go. And some of whom did the 5k run, and had never run more than 1km before that day! It was great to see a corporate company doing something so forward thinking and encouraging people have a go at exercise, and challenge themselves at the same time.

training has been ticking along nicely, I’ve even started writing out my training program from now till Hawaii!  this i have never done before and the planning and preparation is something that will show in my results. As it will for anyone..

I’ve been noticing since my break from training, that the break really did help. I can now see that once a year I need to take this sort of a break. This year after Hawaii I will have a week in Hawaii with Jaimie, then when we get back we will be planning our wedding (November 13), then a honeymoon after that. This will be a great break, and I will easily have 6 week after Hawaii when I will do no serious training, and not race again until 2011.

{ 3 hr break while i went for  swim }

wow, I just swam 7km. That is more than my weekly average for last year! Thanks heaps to Cam Good for showing me through the session. Cam is a young triathlete training mostly in Woolongong with Jamie Turners group of young guns who are the next group of Olympians. Cam is an exceptional runner, and very capable of a great result in London if he can get near the top of the Aussie list before then.

Anyway, my rough plan for the season is to get my run and swim up to a top level by Roth, then drop back the swim and run a little bit and put in more hours on the bike before Hawaii.

I’ll update again soon!