After a fair time away from production we are back into podcasting and happy to ramp this up quickly with lots of info we have been learning over the past 6 months, people we’ve met, places we’ve been, races we’ve raced, foods we’ve discovered and lots more!

This episode of the LIVE YOUR OWN FIT podcast hosted by myself and Jaimielle is covering some Frequently asked Questions from our clients.

We are looking for more clients whose interests match our expertise and want to make the most of us and our knowledge, experience, and passion to health and performance, in all walks of life.

Our current clients are loving the experience of getting one on one attention as well as the group interaction via weekly webinar and open stream on the application we share all our resources through (not Facebook! haha).

Get in touch if you’d like to be mentored, coached, or simply ask us a lot of questions and get some up to date information and a better direction in a one off consultation. Contact us through or any of our social media channels @liveyourownfit or @petejjacobs or @jaimielle

Hope you enjoy this episode, mostly about hidden dangers in”health” foods, and some information about how much things have changed in the food landscape in the past few hundred years, especially the last 70 years, and why this has become the major cause in the increase in chronic health problems globally.