Hi guys,

I’d never broken a bone or had a bad injury until the 4th of March when I crashed and broke my right clavicle. A week later I had surgery to pin and plate it out straight and true. A week later and a bit later and I’m writing this update. It was too uncomfortable to sit on the computer too long before today.

I was riding along Pittwater road (3 lanes each way – the inside lane has parked cars), heading south, and there was a truck parked in the inside lane taking up the width of the lane. I had a look over my shoulder and there was another truck coming up the middle lane so I wasn’t going to risk squeezing between the two. I had to brake hard, and wasn’t prepared for the TT bike being so low at the front with my weight so far forward that the front brake locked up immediately and I did a big somersault straight over the handle bars and onto my shoulder on my back.

I was really lucky not to hit my head, or to take any skin of my hands, back, or anywhere. So other than a broken bone and feeling sleepy from the general anesthetic since the operation, I am lucky.

It’s a few weeks before I can run, a few more before it will be fully healed. I am happy for the rest. I need it. I’ll be in better shape for my trouble once I get back racing, and peaking for Challenge Roth, and building stronger for Hawaii.

Ok. Getting tired. Need a rest now.

Update soon.