Hawaii is just under 14 weeks away. The Ironman Triathlon World Championships. The race that ends all other races. I am thinking about this race every single training session that I do. It feels like it is next week, my focus is so clear, yet I also feel I have plenty of time to get the fitness and strength to win it.

I have only been running 4 times since 7 weeks without running while I let my stress fracture heal. I’ve been riding for 3 weeks now, and am getting comfortable, and am so motivated to improve my bike leg in Hawaii that even on clear sunny days I am riding sessions on the wind trainer.

I am swimming better than ever, thanks to my foot injury, I have spent more time in the water and it’s paying off. My only concern is that I may have added a little weight to my top half. I am hoping as I start to run, I will find my perfect balance of weight in another 13 weeks time.

My motto for the next 13 weeks is this – I will win, if I make no mistakes until then.

I will be stronger in the swim/bike this year, and in training, I’ll just do what I did for my run last year and it should be ok on race day. My race plan will also be a little different. The nightmare that is the main pack, with people pulling in illegally, me getting a 4 minute penalty for taking too long to pass when it’s not physically possible to avoid, the uneven pace of pack riding, the stress of watching 20 different wheels to maintain the draft legal distance…nope, no way do I want to be in that again.

Macca tried it when he first went to Hawaii, to ride off the front and hit the run near the lead, and he failed every time until he unlocked the secret (as he says) about how to race kona (staying in the pack until Hawi). I’m not saying I’m going to ride off the front and get a lead before T2, but I am saying I want to stay off the front, ahead of the main pack, for the first 70km. After that, we are heading uphill to Hawi, the pace settles, then it picks up on the way home. I’m much more comfortable riding on my own, my own pace, my own place.

It’s just under 6 weeks until my next race – Philippines Ironman 70.3 – where I am defending champion. I’m really looking forward to this race, and so is Jaimie. As I write this she is out on her first long ride since Port Macquarie 70.3, which was her first half. It’s going to be a dream to travel and race in the Philippines with her. Am very excited about this trip, and this race. It’s one of the best.