Here are my most relative tweets to my training, state of mind, and my approach to training in the lead up to Hawaii Ironman World Championship 2011. If you want more detail about any of them please comment below and I’ll explain them. Cheers. PJ.


12/7/11 – So I did my research and Computrainer is the only stationary trainer that does it all.


13/7/11 – Ride, swim, run. All in a good days work. 6hrs total.


14/7/11  – Change is better than a holiday. Swimming for first session of the day felt great.


18/7/11 – I predict an all Aussie & German top 5.

– 1hr 50min long run with Jaim this AM. Stoked I ran that long. Good training session for us both for Philippines.


23/7/11 – Running in the rain and dark (it was neither when I left home) was just the adrenaline fuelled, fun, relaxed run I needed to get my stride back.


25/7/11 – hardest computrainer session yet. 4 x 30mins. I should have had a 3rd @shotzglobal gel, last 15mins was in another world. Loved it!

– good long run with @johntmarsh talking about improving my diet – more protein + fats on rest day, more omega fish oil everyday.

–  My rest week totals; 9k swim, 10hrs bike – all on computrainer, 3hrs run, 1hr pilates.


27/7/11 – found some speed & Kona rhythm in the pool today. #happyboy


28/7/11 – Good run, ordinary swim, good bike. U can’t win them all so choose your battles.


30/7/11 – “time to get off he coach & go swimming.” “Yes boss.” – a conversation with myself.


1/8/11 – Sweet, got my Kona qualification letter.


4/8/11 – I’ve had a phlegmy cough for a few days, I took and extra rest day, but testing it & some new zero drop shoes today.


7/8/11 – Flying to Philippines with Philippines Air & I’m in the inflight mag J


13/8/11- Registered for KONA! Feet up today b4 Ironman 70.3 Philippines tomorrow.


14/8/11 – Stoked to defend my Iroman 70.3 title in the Philippines today. A solid ride set up the win.

14/8/11 – Done; Press conference, photos, bikes packed. Now quick cable wakeboarding, then presentation. And 2 winners in our room today.

14/8/11 – Jaim took out her age group, but Kona slot was passed in. Maybe better to work up to that with more experience J


22/8/11 – A very exciting day. After months of searching & worrying, today I finally found it….My run form.


24/8/11 – Solid solo six hour ride, & I smashed it. Very fulfilling day at the office. A huge thanks to all my sponsors making a huge difference.


27/8/11 – 2 x 6km tempo run felt surprisingly brilliant. Amazed how quick form, pace & fitness has kicked in.

– I’ve been grinding away for months feeling terrible, & suddenly I’m running with ease. How good it feels, the next 6 weeks will be fun.

– World Champs in Hawaii – 6 weeks today.


29/8/11 – Long run today was ordinary, but after the awesome week I’ve had I don’t care. Big ride/run week & quality #happytiredboy


1/9/11 – 4hrs on computrainer & it wasn’t even raining. Felt easy. Riding better than ever…?

1/9/11 Ran awesome. 3k, 2k, 1.5k, 800m. A great day today. 2 weeks ago I thought Kona was too soon…but now…heaps of time J


5/9/11  – Chicken legs you did it! After disappointing long run last week you really brought it on today. I owe you lots of massage.

– Had an amazing training week because I delayed starting by an EXTRA rest day.


19/9/11 – Biggest run week for this Kona prep done. 95km. Also 15hrs bike & 18km swim. A good week.


21/9/11 – I’m in the best shape of my life, so today I didn’t train, I went back to bed.


27/9/11 – 18km swum in 4 days. Last year I swam thatfar in 3 weeks. Everything is going accordingly to plan.. J


29/9/11 – Everything is ticking along like clockwork. Thanks to my awesome sponsors for making IT happen.


1/10/11 – I’m here in Kona. And #I’mheretowin J



2/10/11 – Heading out to ride the queen K highway for my first kona session/appearance. Perfect weather!

– Great to catch up with Hawaii Hall of Famer John Maclean & chat about inspiring moments in his 2nd book “Full Circle” & our current pursuits.


3/10/11  – A good massage goes a long way. Every other day from now till race day.


5/10/11 – Sorry I didn’t make the athlete parade today. Slept all day & had to ride late this afternoon.


7/10/11 – Last training done. A very light roll. Bike is ready.

– 1st time I’ve skipped Ironman Banquet in Kona. Very relaxed dinner by the pool & resting on the coach instead. Much better than in the rain.


8/10/11 – I felt like a faster runner last year, but I feel like a faster triathlete this year.

– Thanks everyone for all the tweets & messages of support. I feel ready to race hard & prove u right J

– Heading to bed @ 7pm. So relaxed & prepared I feel I’ve forgotten something. Just a simple time trial training session tomorrow…

Pete Jacobs - Kona 2011