Hawaii & Philippines

Hawaii is just under 14 weeks away. The Ironman Triathlon World Championships. The race that ends all other races. I am thinking about this race every single tr... Keep Reading


Today is not my rest day, yesterday was, yet today I am resting, because I’m tired and don’t feel like training. As much as I want to lay in bed and do nothi... Keep Reading
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Hawaii Preparation

I love that I understand my body and mind better each time I prepare for a big race. The last two days were the worst and best days of my Hawaii preparation so ... Keep Reading
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Years, months, days.

It’s been two weeks since Challenge Roth, and I’m struggling with jetlag and antibiotics, as well as residual muscle tightness from doing such a tough event. Co... Keep Reading
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Getting Ready in Roth

Again I return to Roth. It is the 4th time at this Challenge race for me, and every year it gets better, for me, and for everyone who comes to spectate or parti... Keep Reading
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Thoughts and Update

Ok, so i have been busy now that i'm back in training. long easy rides, a few run sessions, and more km's in the pool than ever. It has been great to feel so m... Keep Reading
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Best week ever

I’m back! And what a week it has been since I got the all clear from the surgeon on Friday. It has been something like this. Friday afternoon I got my final x... Keep Reading